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Join The Smile Symphony Workshop Where Dental Dreams Become Branding Realities

📣Say Goodbye To Your Marketing And Branding Struggles. Achieve Extraordinary Results With Ease In Just 5 Days.

Join Our 5-Day Branding Workshop Designed Exclusively For Dentists Who Aspire To Elevate Their Practice To New Heights Of Success.
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Hey There, Smile Maestro!

We See You, Juggling A Gazillion Roles While Running Your Dental Practice – Healer, Artist, Magician!  But What If We Told You There's A Magic Potion That Can Turn Your Dental Practice Into A Brand Sensation?

Why Brand, Your Dental Practice!

In An Era Where Dental Practices Abound, Standing Out Is Not Just An Option—It's A Necessity. Discover The Unparalleled Advantages Of Crafting A Unique Brand Identity For Your Clinic. From Attracting New Patients To Fostering Trust And Loyalty, Your Brand Is The Key To Unlocking A Thriving And Distinguished Dental Practice. 

But What If We Told You That You Can Not Only Stand Out But Also Build A Thriving Dental Practice

Welcome To The Smile Symphony Workshop, Where We Turn Dental Dreams Into Branding Realities!

Step 1

Register for the Workshop

Step 2

Implement with Focus & Conviction

Step 3

Witness The

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The Agony of Every Dentist 
I feel you, coz I have been there , done that!

I have been running a practice for more than 2 decades now!

Modern Day Dentistry demands a lot from us, unlike the good old days of the past that are now faaarrrrrrr…….. Gone.

In today’s modern day world that’s fueled by the social media revolution you may be facing numerous challenges. Are you someone who is constantly struggling and worried about your marketing efforts. Well marketing is not posting on social media and branding is definitely far from it.

If you are facing any of these challenges and you want to know that you are not alone. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. There is a way out…
The great news is that there is a path to bid farewell to all this nonsense.

The Smile Symphony Workshop

If this sounds similar and resonates with you. We would like to invite you for a journey that will take your branding journey into a whole new orbit then consider joining us for this LIVE Branding Experience.


Elevate Your Practice Today! Limited Slots Available. Secure Your Spot Now!

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The Social Media Maze:
From Frowns to Fun!


We get it – navigating the social media labyrinth can feel like a trip down a rabbit hole. But fear not, dear dentist, because our 5-Day Branding Workshop is about to make social media your playground. Say goodbye to frowns, and hello to a fun-filled journey of marketing magic!

No Social Media Wizardry Required!

You're a dentist, not a digital sorcerer! Our workshop is designed to bring their practice into the online spotlight without needing a degree in social mediaology. From hashtags to handles, we've got the magic wand to make it all easy-peasy.

Farewell to Agency Woes!

Ever felt like your marketing agency was speaking in a secret code only they understood? Let's bid adieu to the confusion! Our workshop demystifies the agency speak, ensuring you have a front-row seat in the driver's chair of your marketing destiny.

The Not-So-Sweet Symphony of Competing and Losing

Dentists, we get it. It's tough out there in the dental jungle. Don't let poor competition and price war game give you a toothache. It's time to reclaim your jungle throne!

Rise Above the Mediocrity!

Tired of being just another dental practice? Our workshop is your ticket to standing tall in a jungle of mediocrity. Learn the strategies that transform practices into legends, leaving your competition trailing in the dust.

A Legacy in the Making!

Imagine leaving a legacy that echoes through time – a dental practice that becomes a hallmark of excellence. Our workshop isn't just about marketing; it's about crafting a legacy that generations will talk about.

Building a Brand that Echoes Through Time

Recognition is your motivation, and building a legacy is your driving force. We get it; you're not just a dentist; you're a creator of smiles and a builder of legacies. Let's ensure your legacy isn't just remembered; it's celebrated!

Quality Over Everything!

We know you value quality above all. Our workshop aligns with your ethos, focusing on building a brand that reflects the excellence you deliver. It's not just marketing; it's a commitment to quality.

Charge Your Worth, Build Beyond Compare!

In a world that sometimes confuses quantity with quality, your practice stands for excellence. It's time the world sees that too. By the end of our workshop, you won't just be charging your worth; you'll be building a brand beyond compare.

Your Worth, Your Power!

Step into the world of confident pricing. It's time to charge what you're worth, not just because you can, but because you've earned it. Our workshop empowers you to own your value in the market.


Elevate Your Practice Today! Limited Slots Available. Secure Your Spot Now!

Here’s How The 5-Day Branding Revolution That Transforms Your Dental Practice.

Doctors, Are You Tired Of Feeling Undervalued And Struggling To Attract The Right Patients? It's Time For A Transformation! Join Our Exclusive 5 -Day Personal Branding Challenge For Doctors And Unlock The Secrets To Elevating Your Career, Connecting With Patients Authentically, And Taking Control Of Your Practice.

Day 1: Craft Your Compelling USP - Position Your Practice for Success

  • Define your mission, uncover your 'why,' and position your healthcare brand strategically.

  • Identify the right target patients, ensuring resonance and clarity. Set the foundation for a transformative journey that aligns your practice with success.

  • On Day 1 we pinpoint your unique selling points, target the right patients, and set the stage for practice success. 

Day 2: Profile Perfection & Online Presence

  • Optimize Your Presence: Transform your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles into compelling showcases.

  • Speak directly to your audience, fostering trust and connection.

  • By the end of the day, magnetize your ideal patients through an optimized online presence.

Day 3: Visual Mastery - Instagram & Reels

  • Insta-Ready & Reel Magic: Dive into the visual realm of Instagram.

  • Make your profile Insta-ready and master the creation of Insta Reels.

  • Convey your healthcare brand's personality and build an authentic connection through engaging visuals.

Day 4: Crafting Your Story - Unleashing the Power of Narratives

  • Power of your Own Story : Delve into the art of storytelling and microblogging.
    Harness the strength of your narrative to connect deeply.
    Build a personal story that resonates, converting followers into loyal patients. Showcase your journey, values, and commitment to healing.

Day 5:  AI-Powered Content Machine & Strategic Game Plan

  • Mastering the AI-Powered Content Game: Uncover the secrets to creating content that resonates.

  • Develop an AI-powered strategic content plan that captivates and drives impactful results.

  • Establish an AI-powered content machine for sustained engagement, ensuring your brand stays top-of-mind.

Any Longer...

Elevate Your Practice Today! Limited Slots Available. Secure Your Spot Now!

What You Will Gain?

  • Strategic Branding Techniques

  • Digital Presence Mastery

  • Patient Experience Enhancement

  • Effective Marketing Strategies

Why Choose Our Workshop?

  • Tailored for Dentists

  • Proven Success Stories

  • Expert Guidance

  • Interactive Learning

  • Networking Opportunities

If Your Answer Is A Big YES For Any Of The Above Questions Then This Program Is For You.

Enroll Now Only At Rs. 18,991/-

Rs. 799/-

Elevate Your Practice Today! Limited Slots Available. Secure Your Spot Now!

Pastel Gradient

Meet Your Coach

I am a practising Dentist, Speaker, Storyteller and an unshakable optimist helping Doctors & professionals reach their patients through harnessing the power of social media & marketing.

A Dentist by Profession, a Storyteller & Marketer at heart. I help you build a Strong Online Presence, so that you can do the work you love, with the people you love and create an impact with meaningful work and live a Life of Freedom and Abundance.

Having spent almost 2 decades doing Clinical Dentistry and growing my practice 10 times since I started in 2001. I know exactly how Marketing and Word of Mouth work in a Trust Business like that of Doctors and Dentists.

Being a Millennial, I was witnessing a huge cultural shift, with conversations moving from offline to online.

The pandemic just accelerated this cultural shift to a whole new level & today if you do not have an online presence, you do not exist for the current generation!

I started seeing the potential of social media being the “NEW WORD OF MOUTH“ for Doctors.

  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Enroll Now And Get Bonuses Of Worth Rs. 26,997/-


Bonus 1:- The Instadoc Course

Original Price:- Rs. 1,999/-

You will Get It For FREE


Bonus 2:- LIVE Social Media Audit with Dr. Anisa

Original Price:- Rs. 5,000/-

You will Get It For FREE


Bonus 3:- One-on-one Strategy Session with Dr. Anisa

Original Price:- Rs. 4,999/-

You will Get It For FREE


Bonus 4:- Voucher for  Game Changer Mastermind Program

Original Price:- Rs. 5,000/-

You will Get It For FREE

Bonus 5:- Marketing Resources

Original Price:- Rs. 5,000/-

You will Get It For FREE

Bonus 6:-Lifetime Exclusive Community Access

Original Price:- Rs. 4,999/-

You will Get It For FREE

Enroll Now Only At Rs. 18,991/-

Rs. 799/-

Elevate Your Practice Today! Limited Slots Available. Secure Your Spot Now!

"What Would YOUR Success Look Like...

  • Week 1
    Introduction - Mindset , Productivity and Goal Setting for the coming 24 weeks. Discover and Co - Discover current Marketing Scenario in your practice. SWOT Analysis - Personal & Practice. Applying 80 /20 Rule. Niche Discovery. Brand Clarity & Building your Brand Differentiator.
  • Week 2
    Building your Personal & Practice Vision. Writing your Mission Statement. Your Brand Values. Brand Photography. Crafting the Perfect Elevator Pitch. Crafting Your Brand Story. Mastering the MicroStory Framework.
  • Week 3
    Creating the Customer Avatar. Knowing your ideal Patient. Target Audience Research. Target Audience Activity
  • Week 4
    Analysis of Marketing. Deciding the Top Revenue Spinners. Tracking of the Marketing. White Board Activity.
  • Week 5
    Creating a customised Marketing Strategy. Building your 12 month Marketing Planner. Building a Content Strategy. Marketing Plan Activity. Getting your first 1000 followers & Dunbars magic Number.
  • Week 6
    Basics of Website Design & how an ideal website should be. Hot Seat Coaching & Live Review of Websites. Live Q and A . Elevator Pitch Competition. Important Resources, Apps, Tools and links. Overview of entire module with Q and A session & one on one session with each candidate.

Join The Smile Symphony Workshop

Where Your Dental Dreams Play The Leading Role In A Symphony Of Success!

Dentist, It's Time To Compose Your Symphony Of Success.  Join The Smile Symphony Workshop And Allow The Magic To Unfold! 🎶

Elevate Your Practice Today! Limited Slots Available. Secure Your Spot Now!


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