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Learn How To Start Building Your Brand On Social Media As A Doctor & Dentist And Start Increasing Your Patients’ Numbers

Learn How To Take The Advantage Of Online Mediums To Scale Your Health Care Business While You Can Focus On Your Clinical Work.

Imagine if you could only attract quality patients to your practice …

The ones whom you love to work with and create a difference in their lives through meaningful work that you are passionate about .

Here Are Some Stats Of Online Search


But As A Doctor Are You Struggling To Grow Online?

  • Have you hired a marketing agency for your practice's social Media with no results even after months of posting?

  • Are you so busy doing clinical work that you have no time to be online for your patients?

  • Are you aware that it’s possible to have your own in-house social media manager who knows exactly what to post and engage with your patients?

  • Do you believe it’s possible to automate and manage your online presence with your own social media manager and save thousands of Rupees and Dollars!

If you said YES for any of these above questions, then let me tell you, it’s possible to automate and manage your online presence with just a Smart Phone, even if you have zero tech skills.




A 6 Week Action Oriented Program To Start Building Your Brand As A Doctor.

I finally figured out a “Method to the Madness of Social Media Content Creation“

In this 30 Day Brandathon Challenge, Create & Schedule your 90 Days of Social media content-

  • Without any tech skills or complex software,

  • With just a smart phone...

and start Branding Yourself and say good bye to all those marketing agencies, that never fetched you any results!

What’s more, you or any of your team member can come onto this program and become your in-house social media manager!

This can save you tons of money and attract the right people to your practice.

Who Is This Program For ?

Plastic Surgeon
Any Health Care Professionals

9 Ways The Brandathon Program Will Boost Your Business


Create Your Social Media Presence

This 6-Week Program Will Teach You Step by step how you can start building a presence on Social Media as a Doctor by using some proven strategies and easy to use tools Like Canva even if you are not a tech-savvy person.

Create Your Social Media Presence

Having Thousands of followers is not useful if you don't have a real connection with them. This Brandathon Program will teach you how you can build a real connection with your Followers and create Trust by Using the power of Facebook Live and Microblogging.

Create Your Social Media Presence

People will only consult with the experts in their industry. This program will teach you how to build your authority on social media by  effectively utilizing your knowledge, case studies and patients success stories via Social Media Effective Content Strategy.

Create Your Social Media Presence

This 6 Week Program Will Teach You How You Can Make your patients your Brand Ambassadors.

Create Your Social Media Presence

You Will Also Get Some Proven Strategies To Get Inbound Leads, Without Spending a Single Rupee.

Create Your Social Media Presence

This Program Will Also Give You Battle Tested Strategies To Grow Your Following On Social Media.

Discover tools which You Can Use In Smart Phone

You Will Also Learn How You Can Use Some Simple And Effective Tools To Create And Edit Your Content.

You Will Also Learn The Secret Techniques Of Creating Highly Engaging Content For Your Social Media, Which Can Help You Build More Trust.

Create Engaging Content 

This 6-Week Action Oriented Program Will Help You To Build A Sound Online Brand Which Will Help You Get More Inbound Patients In Future.

Build a Sound Personal Brand Online

About The Brandathon Program

This is a 6 WEEKS PROGRAM. Inside this program you will learn how you can start building your Online Personal Brand as a doctor, so that you can get more Quality Patients for your clinic and scale your business.

This program includes some PRE-RECORDED LECTURES which contain all of my Proven, Battle-Tested Techniques which I have used to build my online personal brand as a Dentist.

You will also get DAILY & WEEKLY TASKS which will help you to kickstart your online personal branding journey. You have to complete those tasks and submit on our Private Facebook Community, which you will get as a Bonus.

Also every weekend , I will do a LIVE MasterClass for the particular theme of that week followed by a Live Q and A session that will answer all your questions and handhold you during your online personal branding journey.You will also get the Recording Of Those Sessions, so that you can refer to those later.

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Checkout What Participants Are Saying After The Program

"Unravel the science of connectivity virtually"

In spite of being a marketing professional I’d reached some sort of creativity deadlock. After doing this program for 30 days, every single day your thinking of how to communicate in a new, interesting, humorous and impactful manner improves.

Initially I thought social media was never meant for me like to post and all. But after learning new things the thought process has completely changed now. I am getting new ideas and learning new skills which are helping me a lot.

"Such a unique course!"

"Interesting and action oriented week"

There were too many posts to make and the time I was taking was long. I needed some more hand holding so very sweetly Dr. Anisa made videos and did the hand holding. She even sacrificed her sleep for that.


What You Are Going To Learn In Next 6 Weeks

Every Morning_edited.png

Meet Your Coach

I am a practising Dentist, Speaker, Storyteller and an unshakable optimist helping Doctors & professionals reach their patients through harnessing the power of social media & marketing.

A Dentist by Profession, a Storyteller & Marketer at heart. I help you build a Strong Online Presence, so that you can do the work you love, with the people you love and create an impact with meaningful work and live a Life of Freedom and Abundance.

Having spent almost 2 decades doing Clinical Dentistry and growing my practice 10 times since I started in 2001. I know exactly how Marketing and Word of Mouth work in a Trust Business like that of Doctors and Dentists.

Being a Millennial, I was witnessing a huge cultural shift, with conversations moving from offline to online.

The pandemic just accelerated this cultural shift to a whole new level & today if you do not have an online presence, you do not exist for the current generation!

I started seeing the potential of social media being the “NEW WORD OF MOUTH“ for Doctors.

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Checkout What Other Participants Are Saying About The Program


Get Access To These Amazing Bonuses

60 Mins ONE – ONE Personal Strategy Session



Get A 60min One on One Session With Dr. Anisa to Discuss Your Personal Strategy.


Yours FREE With The Brandathon

101 Content Creation Ideas


Get A 60min One on One Session With Dr. Anisa to Discuss Your Personal Strategy.


Yours FREE With The Brandathon

50 + Powerful Headlines' Templates


Get 50 Converting and Attention Grabing Headline Ideas Which You Can Use In Your Social Media Posts, Blog Title and Also In Your Paid Ads.


Yours FREE With The Brandathon

One Month Of Done for You Posts For FB & Insta


Get A 60min One on One Session With Dr. Anisa to Discuss Your Personal Strategy.


Yours FREE With The Brandathon


Look What My Patients Are Saying

"I have turned up really well!"

Being from a non-dentist background. It was really difficult for me to get hold of some of the terms to create some of the posture and videos. Somehow, Dr. Anisa ma’am has built that confidence.

"Dr. Anisa made the course very interesting"

There were lots of challenges which I thought I’d never be able to do, for eg. using apps like typorama and canva. I am playing around with them now. Thank you so much Dr. Anisa ma'am!

Here Is Everything You Will Get


6 Weeks Brandathon Program (Rs.24999/- Value)

Week 1 - Build Your Facebook Identity


Week 2 - Crack The Instagram Algorithm


Week 3 - Create A Compelling Brand Story


Week 4 - All About Facebook Live


Week 5 - Microblogging


Week 6 - All About YouTube

6 Weeks Brandathon Program (Rs.24999/- Value)

Bonus 1 - 60 Mins ONE – ONE Personal Strategy Session


Bonus 2 - 101 Content Creation Ideas


Bonus 3 - 50 + Powerful Headlines' Templates


Bonus 4 - One month of done for you posts for FB & Insta

Total Value: Rs. 34,999/-

You Pay Only: Rs. 11,999/-

Limited Time Offer.

You Have 2 options Now

Option 1
Option 2

Here's My Crazy Guarantee

Giving You A 100% Guarantee That If You Take Action And Complete All The 6 Week Task But Still Don't Get Any Result Then I'll Return Your Money Back And Let You Keep All The Bonus Anyway.

  • Week 1
    Introduction - Mindset , Productivity and Goal Setting for the coming 24 weeks. Discover and Co - Discover current Marketing Scenario in your practice. SWOT Analysis - Personal & Practice. Applying 80 /20 Rule. Niche Discovery. Brand Clarity & Building your Brand Differentiator.
  • Week 2
    Building your Personal & Practice Vision. Writing your Mission Statement. Your Brand Values. Brand Photography. Crafting the Perfect Elevator Pitch. Crafting Your Brand Story. Mastering the MicroStory Framework.
  • Week 3
    Creating the Customer Avatar. Knowing your ideal Patient. Target Audience Research. Target Audience Activity
  • Week 4
    Analysis of Marketing. Deciding the Top Revenue Spinners. Tracking of the Marketing. White Board Activity.
  • Week 5
    Creating a customised Marketing Strategy. Building your 12 month Marketing Planner. Building a Content Strategy. Marketing Plan Activity. Getting your first 1000 followers & Dunbars magic Number.
  • Week 6
    Basics of Website Design & how an ideal website should be. Hot Seat Coaching & Live Review of Websites. Live Q and A . Elevator Pitch Competition. Important Resources, Apps, Tools and links. Overview of entire module with Q and A session & one on one session with each candidate.
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