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The Ultimate Marketing Mastermind Program
for Doctors & Dentists

Get the Ultimate Step-by-Step system, Customized For Doctors & Dentists Who Want To Skyrocket their Health Care Business and Own Their Freedom.


Register Now Only At Rs. 10,000/- Rest You Can Pay Later

A 24-Week Intensive Marketing Program

Join This Implementation And Mastermind Style Workshop To Supercharge Your Online Personal Brand & Attract Your Dream Patients.

  • Proven Strategies & Techniques: Learn the latest methods for clinic growth in today's marketing environment.

  • Vision & Mission Design: Define your brand's identity to attract the right patients.

  • Personalized 12-Month Marketing Plan: Receive a tailored roadmap for exponential clinic growth.

  • Secrets of Social Media Growth: Unlock hidden tactics to expand your clinic's reach.

  • Mastering the Art of Storytelling: Learn how to captivate audiences and build a devoted community.

  • Building Trust & Patient Advocacy: Discover the steps to turn patients into passionate advocates for your clinic.

  • Build a high-converting funnel that guides patients through every step of their journey, from initial contact to booking appointments.

  • Unique Marketing Fusion: Utilize a blend of storytelling, brand building, and marketing strategies to scale your clinic.

  • Seize the lucrative market of high-value patients through tailored campaigns tailored to their yearning for elite dental care, fueling your practice's expansion.

  • Unlock the secrets to attracting your perfect patients with precision-targeted marketing strategies.

  • Harness the psychology of patient motivation to craft compelling messages that resonate deeply.

  • Craft exclusive incentives that distinguish your practice and magnetize top-tier clientele.

  • Engineer a seamless conversion pathway, ushering patients effortlessly from inquiry to scheduling.

Join The Program Today For Only

₹ Original Price/-

Or Register Now Only At Rs. 10,000/- Rest You Can Pay Later

How This 6-Month Marketing Game Changer Mastermind Works

Inside This 6-Month Program I Will Handhold You And Teach You All The Strategies And Techniques I have Used To Scale My Dental Clinic Business

6-Months Practical Program

Get Access To This 6-Months Implementation And Mastermind Style Workshop.

Power of Group Accountability & Masterminds

Daily Accountability For A Year Makes Sure You Get Systems In Marketing , Leadership, Team And Training In Place For Your Business.

The Collective Wisdom Of The Group Becomes The Strength Of The Mastermind.

Weekly Assignments

Each Week You Have To Complete 1 Practical Assignment.

One-On-One Sessions &
Hot Seat Coaching

Hot Seat Coaching And Peer Group Mastermind Sessions Give You Real World Experience & Valuable Feedback.

Weekend Live Session

Each Weekend We Will Have A Live Session Where I Will Talk About Different Topics.

Lifetime Access Of The

You Will Get Lifetime-Access To The Program Content With Multiple Pre-Recorded Lectures.

Meet Your Trainer

Your Social Dentist Dr. Anisa


I am a practising Dentist, Speaker, Storyteller and an unshakable optimist helping Doctors & professionals reach their patients through harnessing the power of social media & marketing.

A Dentist by Profession, a Storyteller & Marketer at heart. I help you build a Strong Online Presence, so that you can do the work you love, with the people you love and create an impact with meaningful work and live a Life of Freedom and Abundance.

Having spent almost 2 decades doing Clinical Dentistry and growing my practice 10 times since I started in 2001. I know exactly how Marketing and Word of Mouth work in a Trust Business like that of Doctors and Dentists.

Being a Millennial, I was witnessing a huge cultural shift, with conversations moving from offline to online.

The pandemic just accelerated this cultural shift to a whole new level & today if you do not have an online presence, you do not exist for the current generation!

I started seeing the potential of social media being the “NEW WORD OF MOUTH“ for Doctors.



Let's Be Honest.

No Matter How Hard You Work Your Financial Success Will Be Limited By How Well You Attract & Retain Patients!

Like Most Dental Clinics, You Probably Have Tried Hiring A Marketing Company.  However The Results Are Rarely Successful & Often Unpredictable.

Sometimes It Works, But Most Of The Times It Doesn’t!!!

You Don’t Know What Works And The Truth Is, Your Marketing Company Doesn’t Know Either!!


After More Than A Decade Of Trying Several Tactics, Experiments & Trial And Error I Finally Figured Out What Works In This Trust Business Of Dentistry That We Are In!!

6 Month Marketing Game Changer - A 24 Week Intensive Marketing Program.

As The Name Suggests, This Course Is Truly A GAME CHANGER ,  An IMPLEMENTATION Style Course. No Watching Webinars!! You Will Take ACTION EVERY WEEK And By The End Of The 6 Months You Will Really Create Massive Change In Your Dental Practice Marketing If You Are An ACTION TAKER!

"Dr. Anisa Helps You Grow With Her"

Dr. Anisa teaches you a lot of aspects about marketing and the beauty about her challenge is that its not just that 6 months you're part of, even after that period she is just a call away.

Register Now Only At Rs. 10,000/- Rest You Can Pay Later

Unlock a World of Benefits That Await You Here


LIVE Training Schedule Includes 48 Live Sessions with Dr Anisa & Our Team of Expert Guests 


Full Access to Marketing Pro Pack which holds 1200+ pieces of Content including Reels/ Carousels/Stories for all Social Platforms.

Full Access to Marketing Pro Pack which holds 1200+ pieces of Content including Reels/ Carousels/Stories for all Social Platforms.

12  Peer Group Mastermind Sessions for Added Accountability & Support.

700 + hours of Recorded Marketing Training Content 

Personalised Photoshoot  for you & your Team + 365 days of Branded Social Media Content done for you!

4 ONE to ONE Strategy & Marketing Audit Sessions for you & your Team

500 + Digital Toolkits & Training Resources to manage & Automate your HealthCare Business

Full Year Licence for our Marketing App - DocSocio & Annual Mastermind Membership


6 Month Marketing Game Changer Mastermind


  • Brand Blueprint: Unleashing Clarity, Defining Niche, and Crafting Unique Vision

  • Compelling Brand Story & Elevator Pitch Crafting

  • Audience Psychographics & Targeting for Success

  • Annual Marketing Plan Blueprint: Strategic Mapping & Whiteboard Tracking

  • Website Mastery: Crafting Websites for Results

  • Live Review & HotSeat Coaching Mastery

  • Content Creation Blueprint & Social Profile Optimization

  • Canva Basics Workshop


  • Team Alignment & Campaign Planning

  • Design Principles & Canva Advanced Techniques

  • Mastering Instagram & Reels for Social Success

  • Live Content Showcase & Review

  • Microblogging, Blogging, and AI Copywriting Mastery

  • LinkedIn Mastery for Healthcare Professionals

  • YouTube & Short-Form Video Success for Healthcare Pros

  • Campaign Command: Dynamic Presentation Skills

  • Unleashing Google Business & Social Media Analytics Mastery

  • Elevator Pitch Competition


  • Viral Marketing Magic & Custom Campaign Creation

  • Marketing Campaign Presentations

  • Patient Journey Mastery & Effective Communication

  • Membership Programs for Sustainable Growth

  • Crafting Custom Coffee Table Books for Success

  • Paid Marketing Introduction & Funnel Understanding

  • Facebook Ads Mastery

  • Landing Pages, Automation & FB Ads Q&A

  • Keywords Research, Competitor Analysis & SEO Insights


  • SEO Demystified

  • On-page and Off-page SEO Essentials

  • Distinguishing Good and Bad SEO Practices

  • Understanding SEM vs. SEO

  • Leveraging Organic and Free Methods to Boost SEO

  • Crafting Best Practices for Clinic SEO Success

  • Google Ads Unveiled

  • Delving into PPC Advertising

  • Mastering Google Analytics and Interpretation of Reports

  • Effective Keyword Research Strategies

  • Harnessing AI Tools like ChatGPT for SEO Simplification

  • Examining Successful Google Ads Campaigns

  • Implementing Best Practices for Google Ads

  • Vital Considerations When Delegating Google Ads Management

  • Inorganic Marketing Funnel Fundamentals

  • Exploring Various Call to Action (CTA) Types and Their Applications

  • Budgeting and Allocating Marketing Spend Strategically

  • Establishing Sales and Follow-up Protocols

  • Measurement and Analysis of Marketing ROI

  • Deciphering Marketing Metrics for Informed Decision-Making.


Dr. Mridu Miglani
Master Trainer, Author & Director - Indian Institute of Facial Aesthetics, Delhi, India.

Having Anisa guide you with your Marketing is like giving a big responsibility to someone who will take you ahead of the game with efficiency & accountability. Myself, being a clinician & a mentor, Anisa helps me taking my best steps on Social Media & helps me making good strategies for promoting my Facial Aesthetic Courses. Thanks a lot Anisa, for your genuine efforts and care, more power to you!


Maala Malik
Director M & M Dental Associates

The Social Media Campaign that Dr Anisa helped me plan & Execute was one of a kind so it was chartering into new waters we knew nothing about & we structured it to be disruptive. Dr Anisa is in a Unique position to help us with this campaign as she is a Dentist, an expert in Social Media and an avid Marketer. The Inner Circle is her Consultancy to make a difference to our Campaign. Anisa is very honest, approachable & very forthcoming with putting perspective & ground market intelligence to use. Helping the client in Key Marketing Decision Making, Strategy Accountability & Execution are her Strengths.


Dr. Tarandeep Sobti
Mumbai, India

My Journey with Dr Anisa started with her 30 Day Brandathon Workshop, where I really learnt a lot about how to use Social Media for creating a strong online presence. It was then that I decided to join her consultancy services namely the Inner Circle. Her One on One sessions have worked wonders for me & within a short span of a couple of months I could see the strategies working for me.I eagerly wait for the sessions, as I not only get to learn something new from her everytime but her positivity & enthusiasm is contagious. Thank you Dr Anisa, & I hope our association continues for years to come.

Meet Your Trainer

Najam Ahmed


Najam after completing his graduation, and computer sciences diploma, became a Google Certified Professional in November 2005 and then his company SEO International (that is now a division of Al Wafaa Group) became a Google Partner firm in December 2010.

Since then he has helped numerous clients build and optimize their digital, online, search and social media marketing campaigns.

Najam also initiated Digital Marketing and Social Media related training programs at Manipal University Dubai for their BS/MBA students during 2013 – 2015.

Najam has 23 years of experience in providing online marketing consulting services and digital marketing-related courses. He has helped 1,320+ companies and trained 8,870+ people across UAE, the Middle East, and the Gulf region.

His valued customers include Dubai World Trade Center, International Data Corporation (IDC) – MEA, Dubai Physiotherapy and Family Medicine Clinic, American Wellness Center, Westminster Ortho Med Clinic, Mapletree Psychotherapy Centre, Stretch Ceilings UAE & UK, Ads Digital Agency and many more.

6 Ways This Program Can Help You To Grow Your Business Online


"Identify Your Ideal

Decide Whom You Want To Sell Your Service Before Start Selling.


"Utilize The Organic

Get The Benefits Of All The Organic Platforms And Connect With Your Target Audience


"Decide Your Brand Positioning"

Create Your Own Brand Color, Fonts and Statements Which Can Attract Your Target Audience.


"Decide Your Paid Marketing Strategy"

Without A Winning Strategy You Will Not Be Able To Get Profits From Your Paid Marketing Activities.


"Create Your Marketing Calender"

A Marketing Calender Will Help You To Stay Consistent.


"Design And Launch Your Marketing Campaigns"

Finally Design Your Marketing Campaign And Launch It Successfully.


Dr. Anisa has helped us boost our social media campaigns and give another vision to us for utilising social media. The super cool give aways have helped us stand out in the market. I would highly recommend this program to everybody.

I would definitely say it was a real game changer for us in many aspects. You may be anywhere practicising in a city or village. It'll help you reach out to more people. It's not just a facebook challenge, it will give you an idea to plan low cost marketing.

Initially, I was quite skeptical because I am not that kind of person who will go out openly and speak, but because it was Anisa so I knew I trust her and I know whatever she takes up she really plans well ad it works out. 

Image by Bogdan Kupriets



  • Module 1 - Marketing & Branding Makeover

  • Module 2 - Grow Your Influence & Your Brand 

  • Module 3 - Marketing In Action

  • Module 4 - All About Seo And Paid Marketing


2 Day Offline Program In Mumbai


Day 1 Schedule 

8:30 - 9:00 am - Meet /Greet,Binge & coffee ☕️ 

9:00am - Your Branding Makeover begins.

9:00 to 11:00 am - Topics 

✅ Personal Branding for Healthcare Professionals.

✅Create your Personal Branding Roadmap.

✅How to use Social Media to Get Patients without Hard Selling.

✅Six Pillars of Social Media.

✅Optimisation Social Media Profiles for Success.

✅Your Brand vs your Practice's Brand

✅Identifying your Visual Brand 

✅Creating your Brand Identity 

✅Communicatiing your Brand message 

✅Creating your Ideal Patient Avatar 

✅Mapping your ideal Patient Journey.

✅Learn the Art of Powerful Storytelling for Personal Branding.

✅Telling your Practice's story.

✅Crafting your Elevator Pitch & Tagline.

11:00 - 11:20 Time for a ☕️ /🚽 break.

11:30 - 1:30 -

✅Offline Marketing Strategies for Success 

✅Art of Networking to get patients that convert 

✅Building and Leveraging Community for Success 

✅Art of Patient Communication and Ideal Consultation 

1:30 -2:30 - Binge Again - Pet Bhar Ke

2:30 - 5:00pm-

✅Bringing your Brand to Life.

✅Creating your Brand-kit & Brand identity


✅Your Website & Patient Online Journey.

✅Essential Website elements

✅Social media & your Website

✅Marketing with Power of AI - ChatGPT & other AI tools 

✅Prompt Engineering Hacks 

✅AI for Social Media - Craft your 365 Days content 

✅How to use Different Social Media Platforms for Healthcare

Marketing ( Instagram/ FB / LinkedIn/ You tube / Blogs )

✅All about Captions / Hashtags/ Bio / Carousels and Reels 

✅Visual Storytelling With Examples 

✅Design Principals & Using Canva for Social Media Marketing.

✅Advanced Canva & AI hacks to bulk create and Automate your Designs


✅The power of Creative Photography & Powerful Design in Dental Marketing.

✅Sanity-saving content scheduling tips

✅Time-saving outsourcing tips

 5 :00 - 5:30 pm - Fun, Pics & Q/A .

Day 2 Schedule

8:30 - 9:00 am - Meet /Greet,Binge & coffee.

9:00am - The Branding Fun Starts 

9:00 to 9:30 am - Breaking the Ice with Tooth or Dare.( A Fun game of  Branding) 

9:30 am to 11:00 - 

✅ 6 Tactics to increase new patients by 50% 

✅All about Online Reviews & System & Strategy of getting Reviews.

✅Handling the One Star ⭐️ Review 

✅Leveraging Google My Business to dominate search results.

✅Wow Factor and Patient Journey in Marketing 

✅Referral System & End of Treatment Protocol 

✅Setting up your Marketing Budget & Marketing Plan for next 365 days


✅Leveraging LTV of Patients ( Life time Value) 

✅Setting up your Marketing Flywheel.

11:00 - 11:20 Time for a ☕️ /🚽 break.

11:20 to 12:00 - Role Play & Team Activities for Marketing Training .

12:00 to 1:30 pm - 

Elevator Pitch Competition & live Story Showcase 

1:30 -2:30 - Binge Again - Pet Bhar Ke

2:30 - 6: 30 pm 

✅Branding Photoshoot


✅Branding Photoshoot with Props 

✅Outdoor Photoshoot



Your One - Stop Solution For Healthcare Marketing 



Our deck encompasses every facet of Social Media Content, around 1200+ content from Single Posts and Quotes to engaging Carousels, Reels, and Story Templates.

With just a click, you can personalize each template to reflect your branding, add your colors, and make it uniquely yours.

₹ Original Price/-

Register Now Only At Rs. 10,000/- Rest You Can Pay Later

  • Week 1
    Introduction - Mindset , Productivity and Goal Setting for the coming 24 weeks. Discover and Co - Discover current Marketing Scenario in your practice. SWOT Analysis - Personal & Practice. Applying 80 /20 Rule. Niche Discovery. Brand Clarity & Building your Brand Differentiator.
  • Week 2
    Building your Personal & Practice Vision. Writing your Mission Statement. Your Brand Values. Brand Photography. Crafting the Perfect Elevator Pitch. Crafting Your Brand Story. Mastering the MicroStory Framework.
  • Week 3
    Creating the Customer Avatar. Knowing your ideal Patient. Target Audience Research. Target Audience Activity
  • Week 4
    Analysis of Marketing. Deciding the Top Revenue Spinners. Tracking of the Marketing. White Board Activity.
  • Week 5
    Creating a customised Marketing Strategy. Building your 12 month Marketing Planner. Building a Content Strategy. Marketing Plan Activity. Getting your first 1000 followers & Dunbars magic Number.
  • Week 6
    Basics of Website Design & how an ideal website should be. Hot Seat Coaching & Live Review of Websites. Live Q and A . Elevator Pitch Competition. Important Resources, Apps, Tools and links. Overview of entire module with Q and A session & one on one session with each candidate.
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