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Why Branding is the Future of Marketing in the Post Covid Era?

Some of the best marketing strategies I’ve discovered have come from asking myself what I want to do. Why not try it? What do you have to lose?

Why Branding is the Future of Marketing in the Post Covid Era?

Some of the best marketing strategies I’ve discovered have come from asking myself what I want to do. Why not try it? What do you have to lose? When we constantly check in with ourselves and the strategies we’re using in our business we become better marketers. We show up more. We create better content. We build genuine relationships.

I think this is a very traditional way of looking at running a business. Traditional marketing no longer applies, the future of marketing, no matter what you sell, comes down to emotional and human connection. The emotional and human connection is your brand and both pieces need to be present for any marketing strategy or advertisement to work.

Think of branding as the first step in building a message and a set of values that you then use as the backbone for your business. Marketing those values and messaging to attract your ideal customer comes next. Only then should we add on the layer of advertisement. 

Everything in your business stems from your brand, so it’s one of the most important areas to invest! Without a strong brand, which serves as the foundation of your business, your marketing and advertising efforts won’t perform.

It’s important to invest time and energy in building the foundation of your brand, which includes your story, niche, ideal client, core values and brand messaging. All these pieces will support you in your marketing efforts, paid or not.

It’s become more important to focus on who your ideal customer is, which is part of the branding process, so you can create more relatable content. This form of content creation is taking the place of traditional advertising; it’s why we’re seeing a rise in micro and nano-influencers. Brands want to work with people who have a loyal fan base and have built a connection with their audience. This type of marketing, in some cases, is performing better than paid advertisements.

We buy based on the way a brand makes us feel, so one of the best things you can do in the branding process is to determine how you want people to feel when they come in contact with your brand. This contact can come in the form of your copy, visuals or personal interaction.

When you take the time to decide how you want people to feel, again tapping into what your audience desires to feel (i.e. pleasure) the more impactful your initial contact will be. Think about scrolling on social media, we stop when we feel a connection to something, often a photo. This is your first point of contact and can be the difference between interacting with your ideal customer and being looked over for another brand.

Traditional marketing and advertising are no longer working.Just because you have someone’s e-mail and contact number,doesn’t mean they are going to automatically pay attention to and care about your content.We are practically living through our screens especially during the pandemic and in the post Covid Era.Attention is going to be the single most asset that most marketers are going to be after,especially post Covid.Only if the end consumer connects with you at some level,will he pay attention to what is it that you have to say….

They have to connect with you first and the way to connect instantly with them is through your Story.Thats why creating the correct messaging and Brand Story is so important. What consumers are looking for is a focus on building connections and nurturing the relationship through valuable content, support, and general conversations.

Social media has made this so easy. We have an opportunity to interact with our ideal customer every single day on social media, but so many brands are just using it to “sell”. One of the best strategies brands can adopt is to make relationship-building a top priority in 2020 and beyond.

When you focus on building relationships with your audience, you’re not only going to improve conversions, but you’re building life-long fans and those will be your best referrers and word of mouth supporters for years to come.

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